In 2024, Anoosh art school offers painting and drawing lessons for men in addition to women.

Anoosh art school

Live the art of painting!

  • Specialized painting training for children
  • Teaching oil painting
  • Teaching acrylic painting
  • Teaching watercolor painting
  • Teaching Mixed media
  • Teaching Chalk pastel
  • Teaching sketching

Teaching women, men and children of all ages

آموزش نقاشی در تهران

About Anoosh Art Academy

Anoosh Art Academy is a painting school in Dubai and Tehran, which is managed by Master Minooshka Mostafaei.

She has a long history in the field of specialized painting and drawing training.

Minooshka Mustafaei, graduate of graphic arts. I have more than 15 years of experience teaching painting and drawing at beginner to professional levels. Participation in more than 35 individual and group exhibitions in Iran and several neighboring countries. She also has the certificate of painting field 1st and 2nd grade from technical and professional organization of the country.

Has a certificate and approval of fifteen years of experience as an experienced artist in the field of painting and graphics and relevant art exhibitions from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance and the Visual Arts Center. Honorary graphic member of the Institute of Visual Arts of Contemporary Art of Iran. Won the first place in drawing and painting competitions of Kamal Al-Mulk Academy.

Aooush art school painting courses

Learning to draw with a pencil
طراحی چهره یک خانم با مداد In general, it doesn't matter what level your painting is or what technique you use; In any case, you must know pencil drawing techniques in order to express your art properly. Learning to draw with pencil forms the basis of your work, and is the first step for students to begin painting. Pencil is the easiest tool for drawing.
Teaching portrait drawing
تصویر صورتی کشیده شده با تکینک آکریلیک For many art students, face design is a huge challenge and they think that they must be a professional painter in order to cope with it! Until they step on their interests and draw from the landscape and paint inanimate objects, which seems easier at first glance. They choose the future. Growth and progress in teaching face design, like any other complex process, is achieved over time with practice.
Teaching watercolor painting
تصویر نقاشه شده چهره دختری در کویر / آموزش طراحی چهره در تهران Watercolor painting is one of the most popular painting styles. You can use watercolor easily and create a beautiful effect in a short period of time. In Minoosh painting school, by taking watercolor painting training courses, in addition to imitating the works of great masters, which is necessary to learn any art, after some time you can have your own innovations and create new and original works.
Teaching children to draw
نقاشی کودکان هنر کده آنوش Painting training has no age limit. Teaching children to draw is not only fun for them, it increases their concentration and helps them express their feelings. This is an opportunity for parents to closely witness their progress and flourishing. By participating in the courses of Minoush Drawing School, children coordinate their eyes, brain and hands by learning to draw, and both hemispheres of their brains are activated.
Teaching oil painting

نمونه نقاشی های رنگ روغن

The pleasure of working with oil paint cannot be denied. When you first learn the techniques, you may feel uncomfortable. Students at Minoush School of Painting learn how to improve their work with general and practical painting techniques while learning oil painting and get acquainted with complete techniques. Oil painting techniques will help you paint better.

Portfolios of Minooshka Mostafaei

Below you can see the outstanding works of Minooshka Mostafaei. Visit the gallery to see all portfolios

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