In 2024, Anoosh art school offers painting and drawing lessons for men in addition to women.

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About Anoosh Art Academy

Anoosh art school is a painting school in Yusuf Abad, this school with more than 12 years of history is one of the oldest painting schools in Tehran and Dubai region.

Anoosh Art Academy is managed by Minooshka Mostafaei.

Anoosh art school is ready to accept students of all ages (from 7 years and above) in drawing techniques with pencil, oil painting, acrylic, black pen, mixed media and watercolor.

And in this school, children’s face drawing and painting are specially taught.


  • Teaching oil painting
  • Teaching children to draw
  • Teaching watercolor painting
  • Teaching figure drawing
  • Chiaroscuro
  • Teaching draw with a pencil

Teaching painting and drawing with the latest methods
A new step in teaching painting

Drawing training according to the needs and abilities of each student

Anoosh Art Academy, realizing the importance of determining the level of students at the beginning of the educational path, performs this process for free. This helps us to accurately assess the skill and knowledge level of each student and provide the appropriate training program accordingly.

In addition, in Anoosh art school, specialized color and design techniques are taught simultaneously. This new approach helps students to improve their drawing skills while learning painting techniques and gain a deeper understanding of painting.

Relying on these effective teaching methods, Anoush Art Academy has provided a suitable platform for painting enthusiasts to develop their talents in a creative and dynamic environment and become creative and skilled artists.

Call for a free level appointment.

Determining the level of painting online

Anoosh Art Academy, taking into account the different needs and conditions of the students, has also provided the possibility of determining the online level. This process will help you to be aware of your level of skill and knowledge in painting and choose the right training program without having to attend the art school.

Advantages of online level determination in Anoush Art Academy

  • Save time and money: By determining the level online, you will not need to waste time and money to travel to the art school.
  • Easy access: This possibility provides a great opportunity for students who live in other cities or abroad to determine the level and plan for painting education.
  • Convenience: Online level determination can be done anytime and anywhere you have access to the Internet.

How to do online level determination?

  1. Complete the level determination form.
  2. Upload your portfolio in the form.
  3. At the appointed time, you will chat with the respective master online.

Anoosh Art Academy has taken a new step in painting education by offering the possibility of determining the level online, so that those interested in this beautiful art, wherever they are in the world, can benefit from specialized and high-quality training.

Online drawing level determination form

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