In 2024, Anoosh art school offers painting and drawing lessons for men in addition to women.

پرتره در آکریلیک

Minooshka Mustafaei

Anoosh painting school is managed by master Minooshka Mustafaei.

Minooshka Mostafaei is a graduate of graphic arts and also a member of Iran Graphic House.

She has more than 15 years of experience teaching painting and drawing at beginner to master levels.

Attending more than 40 individual and group exhibitions inside and outside the country, she also has a 1st and 2nd degree painting certificate from the technical and professional organization of the country.

Minooshka Mostafaei has a professional technical approval from the Ministry of Guidance in the field of drawing and painting.

Documents and certificates Minooshka Mostafaei

Below you can see the certificates, documents, appreciation letter and poster of the exhibitions of Minooshka Mostafaei.

Exhibitions and events

You can see the pictures of the exhibitions held by Minooshka Mustafaei and also the events of the Anoosh Art Academy in the link below.

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